Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Big Shout Out To ?

MOUNAY caters the young generation with a distinct sense of style, for those who with an eye for chic and high fashion fun.For this season MOUNAY offers a wide range of seperates that come in all manner of saturated colours, from yellow and tangerine to vivid pink hues, thus offering the wearer a chance to express the happier side of fashion.The brand presents an eclectic mix of styles combining peplums and ruffles that will look good on just about any sartorial savant.Whether you're meeting the girls for coffee or attending a fancy dinner, these pieces will make the perfect complements to any occasion and will certainly not be a one-and-done purchase.

Now, discover the voguish styles of MOUNAY that you can shop pronto !

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*Photo: Courtesy of MOUNAY


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