Friday, October 31, 2014

Out & About: Vogue Café Launches Exclusive New Winter Menu

As the summer draws to a close and the winter moves in, why not head to Vogue Café for dinner and choose from an array of dishes from the newly launched international menu.Available now, the new menu boasts a range of dishes to suit a variety of palates.

The chic eatery, nestled in the heart of Level Shoe District, Dubai Mall, Vogue Café is now offering a new fresh modern menu which has been put together to offer diners a variety of tantalising culinary delights, including appetizers, meat and fish entrées, pasta and risotto dishes as well as a full selection of indulgent desserts.

Start your culinary journey with a number of choices from the appetizers list such as soups and salads.  To whet the appetite, diners can choose the delicious Miso Soup, served in an authentically designed Chinese Tea Pot with homemade succulent seafood dumplings scented with kaffirr lime.Another signature appetizer from the list is the Late Summer Salad, a mixture of baby leaves, fresh green mango, papaya, watermelon and pomegranate, tossed in strawberry and hazelnut dressing.Or why not try the Tuna Two Ways: Carpaccio and Tartar,infused with Thai basil and honey, served with baby greens.

Moving on to mains, diners can choose from fish or meat entrées and some pasta or risotto dishes.The selection incudes Vogue Café Char-Grilled Wagyu Sliders served with Cajun spiced French fries and garden salad or the Earl Grey Smoked Duck Breast, served with braised duck leg spring rolls, Chinese cabbage rolls stuffed with shitake mushrooms, along with bean sprouts and some orange soy sauce to finish it off.

From the fresh fish entrée selection, diners can pick from scallop and salmon dishes to the Pan-seared Red Snapper, which is served with creamy chorizo quinoa mixed with cherry tomato, paprika and coriander jam.Or if you prefer an Italian inspired dinner, opt for something from the Pasta and Risotto selection including seafood or wild mushroom risotto.  One to definitely try is the Grilled Chicken Penne Pasta with sundried tomato, artichoke heart and wild arugula all drizzled in tangy lemon sauce.

Depending on how full you are and for those with a sweet tooth why not indulge in one of Vogue Café's guilty pleasures from tarts and cheesecakes to soufflés and fondants.One to definitely try from the dessert menu is The Chocolate Implosion; with a white chocolate sphere, beautifully presented alongside crunchy mint ice cream served with warm milk chocolate.Firm favourites such as the Strawberry Cheesecake and Vanilla Crème Brûlée still remain on the menu.

Open for breakfast through to post-dinner snacks, Vogue Café offers a unique dining experience in a space adorned with iconic fashion photography from the pages of Vogue magazine, connecting guests to the brand and it's heritage.

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*Photo: Courtesy of Vogue Café

Thursday, October 30, 2014

First Look: Messika Paris Angel Collection

Since its inception, Messika has become associated with a few key concepts; innovation, transgression and expertise.The latest collection from Messika, the Angel collection, illustrates these concepts perfectly.United together, this collection's marquise cut stones subtly draw the form of diamond wings.Defying traditional codes, these creations display a unique rock spirit giving the wearer a chic but casual look.

The latest campaign by Messika Paris is a collaboration with renowned photographer, Mario Sorrenti which offers a powerful aesthetic dialogue.Enchanted by the elegance of women, Mario creates an intense relationship with the irresistible Malgosia Bela which perfectly showcase the latest exquisite range of fine jewellery.

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*Photo: Courtesy of Messika

Beauty Flash: Guerlain Presents The New Fragrance Eau De Cashmere

Thierry Wasser presents an original and particularly sophisticated gesture that is also inspired by the House's history when, in centuries past, Guerlain used to compose it's scents for elegant ladies who would use them to perfume their accessories and outfits.Designed as a fragrance that is equally feminine and masculine, it offers a new ritual that only a house such as Guerlain could reveal.Over and above the composition, Eau de Cashmere is like a “perfume accessory” to spray onto the most beautiful cashmere pieces: pullovers, stoles and scarves or over your entire wardrobe to extend it's trail.

Like the finest essences that he beautifully enhances one by one in L'Art & la Matière, Thierry Wasser magnifies the ingredients and accords at the heart of Eau de Cashmere.From the opening burst to the musky woody trail, the notes echo each other, ties are woven like fine threads, an accord is created, imbued with comfort and elegance.

To describe this fragrance, the liveliness of the citrus fruit – mandarin and bergamot – deserves immediate mention, matched by the vitality of pink pepper.Slightly spicy and peppery, it gives that chic twist that pairs so well with the hesperidia notes.Then a second facet appears, slightly floral and aromatic with an iris note and a touch of lavender.It reminds us that the fragrance is unisex, and may adorn the lapel of a tweed or velvet jacket or come to rest on a silk stole.Finally, as softness is always the order of the day when you are enfolded in a fragrant caress, the composition warms up and the trail reveals it's woody notes of cedar and vetiver, softened by a vanilla nuanced with a powdery duo of white musk and heliotrope.

As Guerlain loves to explore new olfactory territories, the perfumer is revealing a new, unprecedented step reserved for hose in the know looking to create a totally unique trail.Designed like a beautiful pashmina that adds an elegant finishing touch to an outfit, Eau de Cashmere can also belayered with L'Art & la Matière fragrances.In this new ritual, it will give the composition a twist, revealing a more cocooning and enveloping facet.

Thanks to it's cedar and vetiver notes, Eau de Cashmere goes particularly well with the woody and oriental fragrances in the collection.These include Bois d’Arménie, Tonka Impériale, Cuir Beluga and Spiritueuse Double Vanille, to which it gives a smoother, creamier dimension thanks to its musky vanilla facet.

In it's elegant, soft-touch, frosted glass bottle, Eau de Cashmere joins the “Eaux de Rituel” collection, alongside Eau de Lit and Eau de Lingerie.A third composition, whose golden neck is this time adorned with a nude beige satin ribbon.Echoing the name of the fragrance, the label in tones of taupe and soft brown features a delicate cashmere motif.

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*Photo: Courtesy of Guerlain

Save The Date

The world's foremost fashion legends will once again celebrate the newest trends in fashion at the second Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience to be held at The Dubai Mall, home to the largest collection of high-end brands under one roof.

A high point of the event will be it's focus on serving as a platform for emerging fashion talent from across the world, with Vogue Italia and scouting 20 emerging designers, who will show their works from throughout Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience.Eight established international talents, selected by Vogue Italia, will also display their newest collections during the event.

Date     : 30 October - 1 November, 2014

Timings: 30 October (7PM) - 1 November (3PM)

Venue  : The Dubai Mall

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Shout Out Of The Day: Stocks Are Back In 'Vroom Vroom' Mode At Sarah's Bag

The Fast and the Fabulous ones are back! You can now browse the Sarah's Bag Fall/Winter 2015 collection on their online boutique for racy, one of a kind bags that can seriously jazz up dull winter layers.

All the bags are topped with clasps made of vintage 1970s toy cars that they scoured the world for! This collection is now available on their website and was also recently launched as their inaugural collection for Net a Porter.Happy shopping!

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*Photo: Courtesy of Sarah's Bag

Shout Out Of The Day: CITIES Design Concept Store Opens In Dubai

Renowned design and home accessories boutique Cities, which first opened it's doors in 2006 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, has just launched it's second showroom in ‘The Galleria’ Mall, in the exclusive residential area of Jumeirah 1 in Dubai.With a vision to introduce exceptional, contemporary design and art and aiming to stray from the classical movement, the dubai-based successfully building a solid reputation in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Cities has now opened it's second showroom is set to provide UAE residents with a refreshing option for design and home accessories.

Cities is a unique boutique that houses creative lifestyle, art and modern design products all under one roof.Every piece within the Cities' collection is handpicked and selected from a variety of international and Middle Eastern talents sourced from around the world and at some of the leading design shows and exhibitions. 

Cities offers a distinctive platform that can be appreciated by people from all walks of life.For the discerning collector that is searching for exquisite modern furniture and art pieces, to more casual buyers who have an eye for beautiful and original objects to even a child who can marvel at a colorfully designed toy or gadget, Cities has a little something for everyone.

Already established today as a recognized art and design destination, artisans and renowned designers from around the world, including Alain Solomon (France), Nada Debs (Lebanon), Villa Home (Italy), Bokja (Lebanon), and Menina Design (Portugal), choose Cities as an arena to display and share their authentic creations.Additionally, Cities pays special attention to supporting regional designers from the Middle East and Gulf region in an effort to promote these sometimes neglected talents.

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*Photo: Courtesy of Cities

Monday, October 20, 2014

Save The Date

Gallery Ward is proud to present Egyptian Beliefs, the first solo exhibition in Dubai for renowned Egyptian artist Adel Tharwat.Organized by Ehab Ellaban, this exhibition highlights iconic concepts, style, and imagery of Tharwat's representations of Egyptian culture.The artist's bold and vibrant figures and sceneries are charged with noble understanding of a rich heritage and deep awe to forefathers of all civilisations that shaped modern Egyptian life we know today.The paintings tell combinations of stories through obvious and subtle associations of elements from old tales, popular myths, and melodious hymns that have survived and become uniquely encrypted in Egyptian memories.

Although the artist derives inspiration and incorporates images from history, he maintains a completely modern perspective in contexualising his visions.Thus the works reveal new meanings to symbols manifested in objects (like the key), forms (like triangles), texts, or postures and features of his figures that are reminiscent of Pharaonic monuments and murals.Tharwat's surreal settings raise new aesthetic implications, in terms of colour, composition and angles, use of space, and conceptual presumptions, bringing forth an experience that drives viewers to use their imagination in order to make sense of and complete the stories presented.

Date     : 20 October

Timings: 20 October (7PM) - Onwards

Venue  : Gallery Ward, Dubai

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

First Look: AIGNER A/W 2014 Women's Collection

Love and passion for craftsmanship are the source of inspiration of the Aigner Autumn/Winter 2014 collection.The focus is on handmade, care for details and sophisticated designs, combining the charm of tradition with sensibilities belonging to our current time. 

This season, Head of Design Christian Beck takes us on a journey which leads to the discovery of the heritage of the Munich-based Maison combined with a contemporary taste, bringing to life garments with elegant silhouettes, mostly slim, with transparencies which infuse a touch of sensuality; a haute couture style for a collection of extremely feminine dresses, elegant and important, also in the evening gown versions.Many garments are in combed yarn, in contrast with Duchesse silk, transparent jersey and ultra-soft leather used for various styles.The selected tones are black, indigo blue, cognac, clay and red. 

The love for accessories and the aroma of leather, which identify the brand are in the air.The Leather Collection combines the charm of handmade craftsmanship with their current reality.Studio Artigiano is a statement of classic tailoring, demonstrating that change and tradition can coexist in a masterly way.Every single creation from the bag collection tells the story of its origins and unifies contrasts thanks to a cohesive design: technology and modern styles are combined through knowledgeable expertise.

Head of Design draws from the exclusive inheritance of the brand and infuses new life into models coming from the Aigner archives.Each of the luxury bags reflects the Aigner DNA: fine craftsmanship, exclusive leathers and vintage looks meet modern materials; cool effect XL zippers and embossed graphic effects.The sophisticated closures are one of the highlights of the line.On the new creations, classic click locks are presented as striking and luxurious decorative details.

The Cybill Bag, Aigner's it-bag, will be presented in different styles and shapes.In grain leather or with a special cube leather effect, with a small front saddle bag or in a Cybill Clutch version.A new feminine model of an attaché in crocodile print has been introduced, with a glossy and shiny surface, or in pony-fur. 

The collection also reflects the complex interplay between timelessness and current trends in the colour palette: classic onyx black, marble white and dark magenta, earthy vacchetta, cuoio and clay brown, coexisting with strong hues such as ruby red, indigo blue and emerald green. 

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*Photo: Courtesy of Aigner

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

First Look: Hermès Médor Watch

Design is sometimes about reinventing fine objects and the Médor watch is a perfect example of this principle.First created in 1993, the Médor watch originated from one of the first objects produced by Hermès alongside the harness: the dog collar.

For while a dog is a man's best friend, it 
has also always – just like horses – been a source of inspiration for the venerable House.Initially intended for hunting parties, dog collars were adapted to serve as belts during the1930s.From there it was but a short step from the waists of elegant women to their wrists, which Médor thus adorned in the form of a bracelet.Since one creative idea often leads to another, the leather strap with its iconic “Clous de Paris” pyramid-shaped studs was then transformed into a ‘secret’ watch.

The ingenious and slightly mischievous Médor watch has fun with the passing of time by alternately concealing it under a domed cover or discreetly revealing it.This inspired creation comes in several colourful versions.Available in two sizes and graced with gold or steel pyramid studs, the Médor watch may be gem-set along its edges or entirely paved with diamonds, further underscoring the precious nature of this jealously safeguarded time.

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*Photo: Courtesy of Hermès

Beauty Buzz: DESSANGE Paris Announces It's Debut In Dubai

French hairdressing and beauty brand DESSANGE, announces it's debut in Dubai.Leaders in haircare and styling, globally trusted upstylers has already launched it's first salon at the Park Hyatt hotel in Dubai on February this year.

Present for over sixty years internationally, the brand revolutionizes female beauty that is majestically continuing to innovate.Trusted by women worldwide, DESSANGE has created an empire dedicated to beauty and been committed to modernity in all it's glory.Ever attentive to the movements of frequently changing times, DESSANGE has created a trend that is constantly innovating in all domains.

Debuting at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Dubai, DESSANGE has strategically planned it's upcoming salons at prime locations devoted to serve women in the emirate in it's entirety.The brand also looks after all women needs including hairdressing, skincare and make-up.

DESSANGE has been a precursor over the past several years with the concept of total beauty and offers a comprehensive range of services and related products, all in the same space.The premium brand offers beauty services through the development of beauty care and treatments, beauty institutes, product lines for the hair, face and body, make-up and accessories.

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*Photo: Courtesy of Dessange Paris

Save The Date

It is with great pleasure and immense excitement that we announce that S*uce has been chosen as the official Pop-Up partner to Dubai's design trade fair: Downtown Design. 

Downtown Design debuted in 2013 and is held under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dubai Culture & Arts Authority.The fair will be held in the heart of downtown Dubai, showcasing the latest in design, complemented by a series of events and renowned keynote speakers.

The s*uce pop-up space will be curated under the theme: Marie Antoinette x Bedouin Nouveau and will give fairgoers the opportunity to pick up an affordable design piece, lifestyle item or gift from a vast number of regional as well as international designers.

Date     : 28 October - 31 October, 2014

Timings: 28 October (12PM) - 31 October (6PM)

Venue   : Downtown Dubai
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Shout Out Of The Day: Karl Lagerfeld Now Open At Galeries Lafayette Dubai

Galeries Lafayette and KARL LAGERFELD are pleased to announce the opening of the first KARL LAGERFELD corner in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, marking the first time the brand is available in the UAE.
The KARL LAGERFELD corner is located on the ground floor of Galeries Lafayette in The Dubai Mall, and will carry the brand’s latest accessories collection including bags, watches, jewellery and eyewear.Aesthetically futuristic, the corner's black and white décor fuses classic sophistication with a modern touch.
Karl Lagerfeld is one of the world's most celebrated designers and is internationally renowned for his aspirational and cutting-edge approach to style.His self-named brand – KARL LAGERFELD – is synonymous with premium quality, accessible-luxe styles that embody the designer's own iconic view of fashion: cool but sophisticated, with a signature rock-and-roll edge.
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*Photo: Courtesy of Karl Lagerfeld

MV News: Versace Presents An Exclusive Edition Of The New Via Gesù Sofa

Versace presents an exclusive limited version of it's new iconic Via Gesù family, the style debuted at this year's Salone del Mobile.The Atelier edition of the Via Gesù sofa has been upholstered in luxurious black and white leather, with gold metal finishes.

At the heart of the sofa is the V of Versace, from the V stitching at the back, to the sloping angle of the arms.The arms, trimmed in gold metal, are each highlighted by a gold metal Medusa head.The base of the sofa is also in gold metal.

This special edition of the Via Gesù sofa is exclusively available in the Versace Home Boutique on Via Borgospesso, Milan. 

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*Photo: Courtesy of Toko Dubai

Out & About: Toko's Kasa Brunch

Toko's new season edition of Kasa Brunch has arrived.Located in Dubai's Downtown neighbourhood, the latest Toko brunch concept features an innovative interactive offering of contemporary izakaya style cuisine across three open kitchens.

The three kitchen set up of Sushi, Salad bar and Robata Grill allows guests to interact with the animated kitchen team that accent the charm of Toko Dubai.With displays of Maki rolls, Sashimi and Nigiri, you will experience not only the offerings but witness the talented techniques of some of the cities most skilled sushi chefs as they prepare the dishes in the open kitchen.

The main kitchen features a lusciously fresh salad bar and cold signature dishes including the famed Japanese salad and Heirloom tomato salad served with quinoa.Moving along to the third aspect of the open kitchen, the chefs will divulge guests with a choice of meat and seafood dishes, including Toko's signature miso salmon and wagyu cured beef.  

The terrace garden boasts a canopy of brightly coloured parasols allowing shade from the midday sun, while the oriental garden’s bonsai trees and wall-high water features will transport you to a tropical resort. Whether you enjoy the lively energy of the main dining room, or opt for an outdoor al fresco dining experience; Kasa Brunch is the perfect way to spend your Friday afternoon.

For reservations, please contact +971 4442 8383.

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*Photo: Courtesy of Toko Dubai

Monday, October 13, 2014

Shout Out Of The Day: THEOUTNET.COM Unveils An Exclusive Collaboration With Seven Iconic Jewelry Designers As Part Of It's Holiday Collection

THEOUTNET.COM is pleased to announce the launch of it's holiday shop.With something for everyone, from party dresses and cashmere to small leather goods and sparkly stocking stuffers, THEOUTNET.COM is the perfect one-stop shop for gifts for everyone - including yourself!

As part of it's holiday offering and for the first time, THEOUTNET.COM unveils an exclusive jewelry collection of pieces by seven of today's most celebrated designers: Dannijo, Noir Jewelry, Kenneth Lay Jane, Vickisarge, Elizabeth Cole, Lulu Frost, and Monica Vinader.

The limited-edition jewelry collection will feature pieces developed exclusively for THEOUTNET.COM as well as classic styles reworked with a twist.Highlights include an iconic teardrop earring in a new, vibrant berry hue by legendary jewelry designer Kenneth Lay Jane, a statement mail bib necklace by contemporary jewelry designers Dannijo and playful animal rings by electic label Noir Jewelry.

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*Photo: Courtesy of THEOUTNET.COM

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