Monday, March 30, 2015

Save The Date

In line with Cities Boutique's drive to encourage and support artists and designers, the region's pioneering art and design concept store will host an in-store exhibition of works by Greek-American artist Fotis Gerakis showcasing skateboard art form in the boutique.

The purpose of the exhibition is to encourage viewers to discover the world of art that often resides within the realm of design.Fotis Gerakis' skateboard art focuses on contrast, mastery of the self, fantasy, objectification, and desire, making his urban style artwork worthy of further examination.

Fotis Gerakis is a lifelong artist whose previous creations include endless experimentations.He has been educated, lived, and traveled around the world.Within his professional career, his motion graphic and art direction work was awarded multiple times with prestigious Emmy and Telly awards, and he also received a silver BDA/PROMAX award.He has taught at the university level and he was also one of the co-founders of a successful design firm based in Riyadh and Beirut, where he helped influence the design trends of the region.

This exhibition aims to introduce the art of Fotis Gerakis to the public while encouraging new forms of artistic expression.His debut is part of a series of events that Cities has planned in order to further the education and exposure of viewers to the endless forms of art and design available.

Date   : 19 April - 29 April, 2015

Venue: Galleria Mall, Dubai, UAE.

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Beauty Flash: Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser

What is one effective way to achieve a superior level of skin perfection? Answer; minimize the appearance of enlarged pores! Now there’s a product that does this in seconds.MaybellineNew York's impressive, most-wanted Baby Skin Pore Eraser.Smooth, poreless skin that looks as pure, fresh, soft and new as a baby’s complexion is a huge beauty trend among women right now, and Maybelline New York has tapped right into what women want most with the all-new Baby Skin Pore Eraser.

With Baby Skin Pore Eraser come two significant benefits: a skincare formula that's 100% guaranteed to make a difference, and the confidence boost of an instant beauty transformation.Enlarged pores that can give the skin a rough, orange-peel appearance and texture are blurred from the moment of application as Baby Skin Pore Eraser fills in pores to optically smooth and disguise those skin imperfections without clogging.Pores, imperfections, lines and creases disappear in a flash! The formula goes on so smoothly and is so light, you can hardly feel it on your skin.

Baby Skin Pore Eraser's unique clear gel formula of clinically-proven cherry extracts known for it's antioxidant properties is lightweight, pigment-free and breathable, gliding on to create a smooth, perfect canvas.Skin stays shine free, even-toned and velvety, just like a baby's all day long, guaranteed! Another great plus is that make-up stays put, looking just-applied fresh for longer, and there's no hassle of having to constantly touch it up.

Dab on Baby Skin Pore Eraser all over your face, or just on trouble areas before applying make-up for that fresh-faced, flawless, poreless complexion that's guaranteed to get you noticed.

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*Photo: Courtesy of Maybelline

Out & About: High Tea At Manzil Downtown Dubai

If you're looking for an unrivalled high tea experience with a picturesque view, then you’ll find what you're looking for at the recently launched terrace at the Boulevard Kitchen at the Manzil Downtown Dubai Hotel.Of course, high tea at Boulevard Kitchen is made extra special with Manzil hotel’s trademark contemporary Middle Eastern twist, where guests can experience the Arabic interpretation of the British teatime tradition.  

With mouthwatering delicacies showcased on the menu, including signature Emirati desserts such as Karak Bomboloni and the Gahwa Bomboloni, you can also satisfy savoury taste buds with the menu's Middle Eastern take on the classic cucumber sandwich- the cucumber and halloumi pita sandwich.Manzil Downtown Dubai continues to infuse the true Arab essence into every aspect of its offering.

Teatime truly shines here, thanks to the spectacular backdrop of the piercing Burj Khalifa and the restaurant's diverse selection of gourmet teas.

Daily from 2:00 to 6:00, come and relish the wonderful taste and aromatic flavours of the diverse tea selection, which includes one of a kind flavours such as Truffle & Chocolate, Rose of Arabia and Alexandrai.

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*Photo: Courtesy of Boulevard Kitchen

Save The Date

Celebrating another year of Beauty excellence, AREEJ hosts the annual and exclusive Beauty Extravaganza across all its stores from 1st - 30th April 2015.

In celebration of a month dedicated to beauty, AREEJ will also offer customers the chance to take their make-up skills to the next level with beauty master classes, which will cover popular techniques as well as beauty basics such as ‘The Smokey Eye’, ‘Contouring’ and Flash make-up’ for beauty addicts on the go.

The beauty obsessed can visit AREEJ from April 10 to be amongst the first to exclusively experience ‘French Paradise’, Lancôme’s Summer Make-up Collection of luminous corals, refreshing azures, power pastels.That's not all, add a pop of colour to your dresser with a limited edition AREEJ make-up brush case containing 4 professional make-up brushes, upon a spend of AED 699 or or 69.

With a host of the finest offers from international beauty brands such as Dior, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Lancome, Illamasqua, Clarins and Givenchy to name a few, there's never a better time to stock up on all your beauty must-haves.

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Beauty Flash: Human+Kind Skincare Range

Human+Kind has developed a unique and stand-out consumer proposition; “all in one” skincare.In a highly competitive beauty industry, Human+Kind is a stand out challenger brand.It's a new ethos in skincare for today's busy, female consumer – simple, superior, natural and dependable beauty products that multi-task as much as women do.

Fuelled by a mission to challenge the beauty industry's conditioning that women need product after product, for different areas of their skin and different skin types, Human+Kind created a pared down approach to skincare, developing superior, natural formulations, capable of multi-functioning and benefiting skin types of all ages Human+Kind has been created for those who are tired of wasting time and money on unnecessary products.

Chemically overloaded creams can cause sensitivities, heavy moisturisers can clog pores and some anti-wrinkle creams cause skin irritation.Human+Kind's products boast the following: no chemicals; no colourants; no parabens; no perfume; no additives; no animal testing on products and ingredients; dermatologically tested; hypo Allergenic; suitable for sensitive skin.

Here are just a few products to add to your skincare regime from the range:

Wash-Off Facial cleanser 
Is a rich, chemical free, facial cleanser that delivers exceptionally soft and completely clean skin.It lathers away excess dirt, face and eye make-up leaving skin feeling clean and refreshed.The creamy formulation moisturises and replenishes skin of it's natural oils and softens and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.It comes with a FREE deep-cleansing cloth which helps to gently exfoliate dead skin cells, revealing radiant skin.The cloth is re-useable and machine washable and kind to the environment too.Replaceable cloths are also available to buy.

Day+Night Cream
Is a great natural moisturiser for both Day+Night.True to the Human+Kind philosophy, Day+ Night cream is a product that has the combination of the light texture of a day cream and the richness of a night cream.This cream helps to soften the skin and evens out skin tone.The key ingredient is Avocado Oil, which is rich and deeply penetrating.It also contains an abundance of Vitamins A, D and E.

Anti-Aging Cream 
It's an anti-wrinkle cream! It's an eye cream! It's a protective moisturiser! This Anti-Aging Cream helps to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles while helping to reduce the appearance of age spots.It softens skin and evens out skin tone.The key ingredient is organic Achmella Oleracea.It's known as ‘Natures Botox’, but without the toxic effects and without the need to inject it under the skin, making it an affordable and easy to apply herbal Botox replacement.

Age Spot Remover  
Is an excellent moisturiser in addition to reducing the appearance of age spots and the appearance of wrinkles.It contains extracts of Hibiscus Sabdariffa and Morus Alba, which target age spots and help to even out skin tone.

Skin Lightening Cream  
Helps to lighten and brighten the skin and even out skin tone and is perfect for areas of hyperpigmentation.This Skin Lightening Cream is revolutionary and has an instant effect.The cream contains no harsh chemicals, only kind ingredients. 

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*Photo: Courtesy of De La Mer Day Spa

An Exotic Affair

This season Deana Shaaban launches her highly anticipated Spring/Summer 2015 collection.Available in Zamalek, Maadi and Cairo Festival City Mall, these new designs are expected to become this season's favorite pret-a-porter collection. 

Exuding color and personality, DS Spring/Summer 2015 is furnished with comfortable harem pants, loose garments, sensual patterns, and signature Deana Shaaban summer dresses.Of course, the collection would not be complete without the staple multi-colored, flowy maxi designs perfect for both a fabulous morning function and this season's multiple beach weddings. 

The new collection's cultural inspirations are driven from her frequent travels around the world; with a special focus on Asia.Within each design, Indonesia, Turkey and Korea, have played a frivolous role in color choice, material and patterns.The eastern panache is, in fact, evident in almost each item; every design takes the wearer to an exotic travel destination, welcoming Spring/Summer 2015 in formidable style

To emphasize the expression of freedom and comfort, both very important to the brand, Deana breaks the traditional norms by combining asymmetric layers of delicate fabrics such as: Viscose, Cotton, Linen and Batik to Chiffon and Satin.

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*Photo: Courtesy of Deana Shaaban

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Beauty Flash: Clarisonic Radiance Brightening Solution

For the first time ever, device and formulations come together to systematically combat the appearance of hyperpigmentation, acne-induced discoloration, uneven skin tone and dullness.Clarisonic, the pioneer in sonic cleansing, is revealing its newest breakthrough in transformative skincare: the Sonic Radiance Brightening Solution, the key to unlocking your brightest complexion.

The synergy of device and innovative formulations works to slow down the synthesis of excess melanin, combat future dark spot formation, and exfoliate existing pigment at the skin's surface.Users experience beautifully transformed skin that is brighter, softer, and more radiant.With the new Brightening Activator Serum, Clarisonic makes it's debut into leave-on treatments, responding to a growing consumer demand for amplified results by combining devices and formulations.

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*Photo: Courtesy of Clarisonic

Shout Out Of The Day: Preorder Maticevski A/W 15 On Moda Operandi Now

Since launching his label in 1999, the Australian designer has been heralded for his expert fabric manipulations and innovative textile use, even dubbed a ‘technical genius’.Embodying the individuality at the label's core, this collection combines the experimental with the elegant for femininity on the vanguard. 

Preorder this collection on Moda Operandi and get your hands on these pieces before anyone else!

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*Photo: Courtesy of Moda Operandi

Friday, March 27, 2015

Out & About: Edo Cafe Adds Sweetness To Your Celebration With Mochi Cream

EDO has created an exclusive range of frozen Mochi Cream - a delicious gourmet Mochi available in an array of exciting flavors.The Japanese inspired sweets also come with healthy benefits due to the use of natural sugar used in the desserts.Mochi sweets are low calories healthy sweets suitable for kids and adults.

Mochi are traditional Japanese sticky rice cakes, transformed by Edo into designer cream sweets.The selection of flavors offered at Edo together with the Mochi Cream, are incredibly sumptuous.The soft cream-filled dough makes for a truly distinct and enjoyable choice of dessert.

Edo accents the gastronomic experience with a modern chic décor.Within this ambience can be found a touch of sophistication where there is a play area and toys for the young.Experience at Edo will surprise and you will be able to find something new and interesting for yourself.

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*Photo: Courtesy of Edo Cafe

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Beauty Flash: L'Oreál False Lash Butterfly Intenza Mascara

Now you can get flirtatious, fluttery lashes that are so beautifully fanned out, so expertly separated and defined that they could almost be fake, except they're not! L'Oreál Paris presents the new False Lash Butterfly Intenza Mascara for the ultimate lash metamorphosis.

Taking a cue from the latest trends on the catwalk, False Lash Butterfly Intenza Mascara offers the spectacular, fluttery volume as seen on the most glamorous stars right now.Use it to recreate L'Oreál brand ambassadress Bianca Balti's stunningly dark, dramatic gaze.

False Lash Butterfly Intenza Mascara breaks all previous lash records in terms of supreme volume, an extremely spread-out effect and intense drama.It's amazing double wing butterfly brush works in two ways to deliver astounding results: side one spreads out lashes, side two plumps them with maximum volume.

The wand's ergonomically designed lash-line shape glides over every single lash from one corner to another.It's flexible arch gives a lift to lashes at the outer corner, fanning them out with a spectacular length for added glamour, while it's innovative formula builds length and strength.The eyes are framed with the most charged lash fringe. For an exceptional butterfly lash look that’s utterly irresistible, almost unreal!

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*Photo: Courtesy of L'oreal

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Shout Out Of The Day: Preorder Mary Katrantzou FW15 on Moda Operandi Now

Mary Katrantzou is known for her forward thinking, but she really steps it up for Autumn/Winter 2015.In a collection inspired by kenophobia, or the fear of empty spaces, the designer delivers a seamless meshing of old elegance and new synthetics: think 3D PVC lining on hoods of paisley-printed parkas accented with lace.

Luckily you can now preorder this collection on Moda Operandi, and get your hands on these amazing pieces before everyone else.

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*Photo: Courtesy of Moda Operandi

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Beauty Flash: Laura Mercier Spring/Summer 2015 Makeup Collection

Laura Mercier takes you on a cosmetic journey this Spring/Summer 2015 season, introducing a new range of products to enhance the brand's impressive beauty portfolio.Makeup fans can look forward to a number of new product launches, as well as new additions to already existing make-up lines.

A newcomer to the make-up family is the watercolor mist eye & cheek palette which consists of modern, veil-like shades of cement green that merge with washed-out mauve, wheat and dirty navy, while the face is kept fresh with a flush of color on the cheeks.Textures are refined for a mood that is discretely cool and chic at the same time.

The lips will be accentuated in fun colors too with new additions to the Crème Smooth lip color range.The ultimate in pigment, texture and finish, this creamy formula envelops lips in richness with a semi-lustrous finish leaving them cushiony and soft in just one swipe.The eight new shades include Lychee Parfait, Rose, Audrey, Crushed Pecan, Milky Way, Praline Cream, Dry Rose and Biscotti. 

Laura Mercier has also something in store for everyone who loves a shiny and glamorous pout – the all new paint wash liquid lip color.The intense, creamy and colorful range impresses with a fresh coat of liquid demi-matte color with every stroke.Let your inner artist take over with this spectrum of purely intense aerated color.Rich, cushiony, colorfast shades float on lips easily and stay all day long.The range comes in nine shades – Orchid Pink, Nude Rose, Fuchsia Mauve, Golden Peach, Vermillion Red, Coral Reef, Red Brick, Petal Pink and Rosewood which offer just the right touch of color for every woman and any skin type. 

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*Photo: Courtesy of Laura Mercier

Out & About: Fortnum & Mason's Easter collection

Fortnum & Mason presents a wonderfully curated collection for Easter, featuring a range of handmade English chocolate eggs, traditional Easter sweets, spiced biscuits and an array of delightful gifts for the whole family.

Fortnum's chocolate eggs are made exclusively in small batches using a slow melting process, which adds to the unique, rich flavor of the chocolate and gives them a luxuriously smooth texture.Master Chocolatiers flood antique moulds with Fortnum's Tercentenary-blend chocolate to give each egg an ultra-thick chocolate shell, which is then finished by hand with individually crafted sugar decorations, making each egg one of a kind.

On offer this Easter are the ‘Little Duke’ and ‘Little Duchess’ eggs that are perfect for children, along with hand-decorated chick and rabbit shaped biscuits, spiced Florentines, and a cornucopia of Easter-themed sweets, marzipan bites and lollipops.

For adults, there is the Colossal Egg made from five layers of decadently thick chocolate, Fortnum’s signature Rose and Violet Cream Egg that offers the taste of a traditional English garden, and much, much more.All of Fortnum & Mason's delicious Easter chocolate is crafted in Brighton by a family-run chocolatier, whose legacy can be traced back to when they were based in-house at the Fortnum's shop in Piccadilly.

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*Photo: Courtesy of Fortnum & Mason

Monday, March 23, 2015

Beauty Flash: L'Oréal Paris's New Pure Reds Collection

If you just can't resist a red lipstick, then hear this: the season's biggest beauty news is the huge comeback of the scarlet lip.You'll see it trending on fashion runways, magazine shoots, red carpet events and on celebrity lips everywhere!

A pop of bold, bright red on the mouth is a great way to update a beauty look instantly.L'Oréal Paris's all-new, celebrity-favourite Collection Exclusive Pure Reds range is the season's key beauty accessory to getting this most-wanted look.
The Pure Reds collection, which was designed with the brand's celebrities in mind, offers a range of hues in lightweight textures with hydrating effects and rich pigments.Choose from Doutzen's ‘Pure Fire’, Laetitia's ‘Pure Garnet’, Blake's ‘Pure Ruby’, Julianne’s ‘Pure Vermeil’, Freida's ‘Pure Amaranthe’, Liya's ‘Pure Scarlato’, J-Lo's ‘Pure Rouge’ or Eva's ‘Pure Brick’ for romantic to dramatic colours that go from classic to contemporary in luscious, lively shades of berry, brick, ruby, cherry, garnet and more. 

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*Photo: Courtesy of L'oreal
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