Saturday, January 25, 2014

Beauty Buzz: New Hair Treatments Offered At Glow American Salon

Glow American Salon is pleased to offer you a variety of new hair treatments.In addition, to the Intense Hydrating Treatment, the Intense Repair and Rescue Treatment, the Macadamia Nut Oil Infusion and the Hair Detox Treatment that they've been offering, they look forward to pampering you with their newest treatments below.

Gloss Treatment
Locks in colour and seals cuticle.Think of this treatment like what a top coat does to nail polish colour.

Fresh Treatment

After your shampoo and conditioner, the salon works a special ''vital boost serum'' into your scalp which contains nutrients to feed and strengthen your roots, plus jojoba oil, caffeine and menthol.So clean and so fresh you will feel invigorated.

Hair Botox Treatment

This anti-aging treatment is a must for women over 30.The behaviour of this treatment mimics popular anti-aging treatments for the skin, like Botox.In the same way that skin ages and needs replenishing so does hair.The cortex fractures from daily aggressions, such as brushing and blow drying, chemical treatments or excess sun and when it becomes fractured it stops hair looking healthy, smooth and shiny.During your bespoke treatment, they give your hair an injection of gorgeousness, precision-applied with a syringe exactly where your hair needs it most.

Hair Loss Treatment

More than just an effective treatment to encourage hair growth, this is a blissful experience.This is great for anyone who wants thicker, fuller hair but is especially for those who suffer from hair loss.The tonic contains Pro-Vitamins B5 which help to reinforce the hair fibre and reduce hair loss by promoting growth.

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