Monday, July 21, 2014

Save The Date

Ayyam Gallery London is pleased to announce Improbable Possibilities, a forthcoming solo show of British-Iraqi artist Athier.Applying theoretical physics as part of its conceptual basis, the exhibition will feature a recent series of paintings that offer visual interpretations of parallel dimensions and their access points, while exploring the notion of absolutes and the potential of imagined realities.

Initially inspired by readings in string theory, Athier has created three distinct but related bodies of work, dividing his aesthetic investigation into a succession of visualised phenomena: Push and Pull, The Cut and Eternal Balance.Collectively, the artist's new paintings present a point of departure for a broader envisioning of solutions for the present and futuristic passageways to the unknown. 

The painterly journey through space-time begins with canvases dominated by dynamic architectural elements and fluid tubular forms.These intersecting facets are bookended by entry and exit points: wormholes that the artist describes as, ‘an attempt to imagine the unimaginable as pure energy moving from one space through to another.’ In each painting, overlapping planes support a suspended transfer of energy, as the composition becomes the site of unconstrained forces. 

Date         : 18 September - 21 October, 2014

Timings    : 18 September (6PM - 9PM)

Venue       : 
143 New Bond Street, 1st Floor, W1S 2TP, London. 


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