Friday, December 05, 2014

Shout Out Of The Day: New Edge Couture Designer Hussein Bazaza Arrives At Valleydez

Always an eye out for new talent, Valleydez unveils their latest addition to their regional designer platform, Lebanese couture designer Hussein Bazaza.After making his debut at Dubai's Fashion Forward two years ago to much fanfare and success, the highly acclaimed fashion designer, Hussein Bazaza is once again geared to take the fashion world by storm with his upcoming 2015 resort collection.

Integrating his Arab heritage and Middle Eastern background with European flair and finishing, Bazaza's designs are a stunning result of feminine, modern pieces that complement the female figure, while his signature touch of regional influence turns each item into a unique, stand-alone statement piece.

Focusing on fabric manipulation so that each piece drapes the way it should on a woman’s body, the collection takes a spin on the classics; combining lace with metallic colors to create the perfect dress.Encompassing skirts, tops and dresses, those looking for unique, cutting edge pieces need look no further than here. 

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*Photo: Courtesy of Hussein Bazaza

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