Sunday, December 15, 2013

Beauty Flash: Defy Aging With Optiphi

The science behind skincare brand Optiphi lies in visible skin rejuvenation through Cellular Optimization, a process known as Positive Homeostatic Influence or PHI.Homeostasis is at the heart of Optiphi, helping your skin regain its natural balance and allowing cells to be revitalized.Developed in South Africa, the phenomenal Optiphi range contains a synergy of actives that promote homeostatic balance, address skin concerns and ensure a youthful appearance.

Optiphi’s thoughtfully chosen active ingredients do exactly what your core PHI dictates, improving the youthfulness of your skin and reinstating balance.In addition, Optiphi products are designed to prevent further damaging effects ongoing.The Optiphi anti-aging skincare regime is designed to affect, improve and enhance the appearance of your skin- targeting the 7 signs of aging. 

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*Photo: Courtesy of Optiphi

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