Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Crush Of The Day: Kingdom Of The Universe Tassel Necklace

Set your style status roaring with this ''Kingdom Of The Universe'' statement necklace.Handmade in Lama Hourani's Jordanian atelier, this piece is beautifully inspired by the mystique of the Incan Empire, a regal dynasty of it's own, beyond time and space.The Lama Hourani tassel necklace compromises of colourful, chunky gemstones and two charms, a Puma on one side representing intuition, power and patience and a Condor bird on the other side which is still invoked by the locals for advice and healing. 

Now that's something to behold.Don't think you have to be dressed up to wear this beauty, simply throw it on a shirt and you're good to go just about anywhere.

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*Photo: Courtesy of Lama Hourani Collectable Jewelry

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