Saturday, April 26, 2014

MV News: Misahara Makes It's Debut In The UAE

Misahara, the bespoke jewelry collection predominantly inspired by the homesteads of Africa, drawing subtle influences from the global fashion catwalks of New York City, Paris, Milan, Rome and Belgrade has announced the launch of its brand in the MENA region, with Dubai as its first stop.

The clear night sky coupled with typically congenial warm Dubai temperatures was the impeccable backdrop to the voguish jewelry brand launch event held at AtelierM in the Dubai Marina Mall.The Nation's glitterati rubbed shoulders with the VIP's and media to welcome the brand to the UAE.

The venue was a smorgasbord of revelry commencing with dinner for members of the press, followed by a preview of the exclusive handcrafted signature line the Adriatic collection, handpicked exclusively for the event, and was met with phenomenal response.The event iterated the cohesion of Misahara's brand values that embrace and espouse UAE cultural norms and diversity, and the upcoming collection which will be embedded with predominantly strong Emirati overtones.

The preview of the Adriatic collection showcased at the event received rave responses, receiving commendations on its distinctive design and artistic blending of precious metals and stones.Being the jewelry brand of choice by world celebrities, Misahara aims to be adorned by the thriving population of the UAE, and continue it's path down the road of creativity and inspired by its tenets of unity and travel, emphasized through its spectacular colors and design.

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*Photo: Courtesy of Misahara

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