Thursday, October 30, 2014

Beauty Flash: Guerlain Presents The New Fragrance Eau De Cashmere

Thierry Wasser presents an original and particularly sophisticated gesture that is also inspired by the House's history when, in centuries past, Guerlain used to compose it's scents for elegant ladies who would use them to perfume their accessories and outfits.Designed as a fragrance that is equally feminine and masculine, it offers a new ritual that only a house such as Guerlain could reveal.Over and above the composition, Eau de Cashmere is like a “perfume accessory” to spray onto the most beautiful cashmere pieces: pullovers, stoles and scarves or over your entire wardrobe to extend it's trail.

Like the finest essences that he beautifully enhances one by one in L'Art & la Matière, Thierry Wasser magnifies the ingredients and accords at the heart of Eau de Cashmere.From the opening burst to the musky woody trail, the notes echo each other, ties are woven like fine threads, an accord is created, imbued with comfort and elegance.

To describe this fragrance, the liveliness of the citrus fruit – mandarin and bergamot – deserves immediate mention, matched by the vitality of pink pepper.Slightly spicy and peppery, it gives that chic twist that pairs so well with the hesperidia notes.Then a second facet appears, slightly floral and aromatic with an iris note and a touch of lavender.It reminds us that the fragrance is unisex, and may adorn the lapel of a tweed or velvet jacket or come to rest on a silk stole.Finally, as softness is always the order of the day when you are enfolded in a fragrant caress, the composition warms up and the trail reveals it's woody notes of cedar and vetiver, softened by a vanilla nuanced with a powdery duo of white musk and heliotrope.

As Guerlain loves to explore new olfactory territories, the perfumer is revealing a new, unprecedented step reserved for hose in the know looking to create a totally unique trail.Designed like a beautiful pashmina that adds an elegant finishing touch to an outfit, Eau de Cashmere can also belayered with L'Art & la Matière fragrances.In this new ritual, it will give the composition a twist, revealing a more cocooning and enveloping facet.

Thanks to it's cedar and vetiver notes, Eau de Cashmere goes particularly well with the woody and oriental fragrances in the collection.These include Bois d’Arménie, Tonka Impériale, Cuir Beluga and Spiritueuse Double Vanille, to which it gives a smoother, creamier dimension thanks to its musky vanilla facet.

In it's elegant, soft-touch, frosted glass bottle, Eau de Cashmere joins the “Eaux de Rituel” collection, alongside Eau de Lit and Eau de Lingerie.A third composition, whose golden neck is this time adorned with a nude beige satin ribbon.Echoing the name of the fragrance, the label in tones of taupe and soft brown features a delicate cashmere motif.

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*Photo: Courtesy of Guerlain

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