Sunday, October 12, 2014

Nada Debs

To say that the work of design pioneer and trendsetter Nada Debs is sensitive would be to accurately describe what is effectively an intrinsic part of the philosophy of this timeless, global brand.And it is just that.A philosophy.Each carefully hand crafted piece evokes an emotion, and there is a palpable spiritual energy that is emitted from every curve, texture and detail of her work.A reflection of hours of love and labour to create a piece that is more than furniture.It is a story with a soul.A soul that borrows from the history of the East and interprets centuries of craft and knowledge in a contemporary reference.

With her formative years in Japan, Debs immersed herself in the clean, linear and uncluttered Japanese sensibility, which she carries in her work to this day.That coupled with her passion for the East, created the perfect blend of design and decoration, which has become her inimitable signature.It is from her contrasting environments that Debs embraced the concept of opposites finding the harmony between them and blending ornamental Middle Eastern with minimalist Japanese as well as contemporary with the timeless.The unique Nada Debs identity was formed celebrating the luxurious yet approachable sensibility of her work.

Deb's work is almost a language.A communication of positivity and unity; a notion that is often lost in our modern age.A product of human emotion and energy, her work glorifies ancient craft techniques and brings them to the fore, inspiring a movement aptly named ‘Craft Cool,’ which serves as a platform for designers reviving and celebrating valuable crafts and techniques.Debs encourages and invites just such creators to join the movement, as she passionately preseveres to ensure these precious intricacies endure.

From conception to the living room, the life of the furniture evolves from a historical pattern or motif to a final rendition, detailed with decorative elements either deconstructed, reconstructed, or sometimes even magnified to great proportions, lending a modern nuance to every piece.Every collection marries unexpected materials and textures bringing a refreshing sense of unpredictability in Debs work.It is a celebration of the tactile, inspiring touch, and hence the pulse and life of the piece.

Exploring the work of Nada Debs is akin to embarking on a historical journey of the east from where she draws much inspiration.The rich and evocative trail of the notorious Silk Route, ancient geometry and patterns and motifs from various eastern countries and cultures highlight the timeless nature of her creations.Influencer Nada Debs' work has become highly covetable across the globe and is available today in London, New York, Paris, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Dubai amongst others.

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*Photo: Courtesy of Nada Debs

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