Friday, November 15, 2013

I've Got Mail

Have you seen Lara's Crafts latest creations lately? Well I've received an e-mail from them introducing me to their brand new line of products which are certainly a must-have.So take a look at them now and take advantage of their latest offerings to decorate your interiors with a dash of creativity, colour and originality.

The new collection embraces Arabian traditions by incorporating their signature hamsa design, Arabic calligraphy and cute animal illustrations into hand-painted ceramics and decorative glassware sets, making these original, one of a kind creations a lovely edition to an afternoon tea party or any special occasion.With a wide range of beautiful contemporary products of all shapes and styles, you will sure find the right match for your home decor.So you better start saving for your own collection of handmade wonders.

Arabic Coffee Cups

Cutlery Holders

Colourful Glass Bowls

 Arabic Tea Cups
Q-tips & Cotton Vanity Set

Golden Glass Bowls

Turkish Coffee Cups & Saucer Set

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*Photo: Courtesy of Lara's Crafts

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