Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Talents Of Amman: The Kawash's

Crafted from the vivid dreams of it's inspiring founders Lara and Luna Kawash, Lara's Craft's was born in 2009 in Amman, Jordan.They decided to take the pursuit of creating functional handcrafted tableware.Mixing philosophies and painting techniques that derive from the modern classical approaches is what spurs the final pieces to come out artistic and creative as they are.The main themes used in Kawash's work are: flowers, calligraphy, and the hamsa hand.

Lara's Crafts products are available on

Lara's Crafts hamsa glasses.

Lara's Crafts Stunning Star & Crescent Large Tray.

Lara's Crafts Stunning Star & Crescent Tea Glass & Saucer Set.

Lara's Crafts Madina Glass Jug.

Lara's Crafts Ramadan Kareem Arabic Coffee Set.

Lara's Crafts Stunning Star & Crescent Glass Jug.

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