Friday, October 04, 2013

Tried&Tested: Figs & Rouge Vanilla Orange Balm

If you're a person who favours cosmetic products with natural ingredients then this one is for you.Figs & Rouge is 100 % natural, organic and petroleum free.This wonder balm is not only superb for lips, it can also be used on other parts of your body.Basically anywhere you have flaky patches.

Upon application I found it super soft and rich without being overly greasy.It left my lips moist and supple as if I've applied butter on my lips without leaving a slimy film which is a huge plus in my opinion.

Not only does it do all this, but it comes packaged in what I think is the sweetest vintage tin ever.Of course balms in a tin packaging like this aren't the most hygienic option, but honestly I could care less.

I'm seriously in love with this multi-tasker! It's super effective on dryness and I strongly suggest you checking it out for yourself.

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*Photo: Courtesy of My Vitrina

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