Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Beauty Buzz: Special Offers from De La Mer Day Spa's Hair Salon

De La Mer Day Spa is known for it's stunning location, highly trained therapists and organic garden, but it's hair salon is not to be forgotten! The salon, which only uses filtered water, stocks a wonderful range of products including: L'Oreal, Alterna, Nunnat, and Sebastian Cellophane.It also offers two stylists, including an Arabic speaker, an expert with Arabic hair and a certified make-up artist.Whether nipping in for a blow dry or for full MAC bridal makeup, the hair salon can accommodate your needs.De La Mer Day Spa really is a one-stop-shop for all things beauty. 

Is your hair sun and chlorine damaged and in need of some TLC? De La Mer Day Spa has two great offers for the months of April and May that are just the ticket: 

Alterna Bamboo Treatment Package with free blow dry 

For dry and damaged hair, try Bamboo UV+ Colour Protection.It reverses dried out hair and shields hair from UVA/UVB colour fade.The product also features strengthening Organic Bamboo Extract and Kalahari Melon that blocks damage and locks in colour.Even better, the Colour Hold UV+ Technology offers the highest level of colour protection available; it's like sunscreen for your hair!  

Sebastian Cellophane Hair Treatment 

For hair damaged by chlorine and hair products try a cellophane treatment.The ''cellophane'' is actually a semi-permanent colour service that doesn't use pigment.Instead it uses clear glossing agents, which are deposited into the hair, adding substance and shine by filling and plumping the shaft and sealing the cuticle layer. Your hair will be shiny, silky and smooth! 

For reservations, please call 043282775.

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*Photo: Courtesy of De La Mer Day Spa

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