Sunday, March 09, 2014

Exclusive: Behind The Scenes With Hany El Beheiry & The Fashion Runway Designers

The fashion world is a competitive arena and people with career aspirations in design must develop a thick skin when faced with criticism and we're here to give you an exclusive behind-the-scenes inside look as haute couture designer Hany El Beheiry evaluates the Fashion Runway designers sketches.

Scroll down to discover how they prepared and brainstormed for a sensational fashion show.It certainly looks as if everyone involved had a good time.But then, who wouldn’t?

Hany El Beheiry & Designer Abir Boulares

By Designer Nourane Magdy

By Designer Zeina Hosny

By Designer Nourane Magdy

Hany El Beheiry & Designer Reham Hosny

By Designer Nadine Ezzat

From Left To Right: Nourane Magdy, Nadine Ezzat, Yosra El Barkouky, Zeina Hosny

*Special thanks to Mohamed Defry Photography
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*Photo: Courtesy of My Vitrina

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