Sunday, March 30, 2014

Beauty Flash: Lush Spring 2014 Collection

Shake off winter blues and say hello to Spring with fresh-scented, fabulous products from Lush.Packed with natural ingredients and a whole lot of goodness, these fragrant products are sure to brighten up your day!

Grass Shower Gel
A green and fresh shower gel that's like a roll in the hay, or a walk through a summer morning wood.Packed with fresh Wheatgrass to condition your hair and body, so you can go all the way with grass from head to toe.

Mixed with spicy woods and orange, this vibrant fragrance really explodes out of the bottle with a warm and sweet glow.

If you're the fruity sort, then this is the soap for you! Blended into this soap are whole fresh Kiwi fruits, with exotic fruit and flower essential oils; so you'll like this very much!

Dirty Body Spray

This fragrance was designed for people in a hurry.For those who don't want to waste time, but want something to help them get through the day smelling great and attracting the right kind of attention!

A solid cleanser to gently exfoliate, remove grease and calm troubled skin.Herbalism is a product that needs prior planning because the product is started by steeping nettle and rosemary herbs in rice vinegar for 48 hours.When the herbs have given up their goodness into the vinegar, they are filtered away and the vinegar is then mixed with other ingredients.

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*Photo: Courtesy of LUSH

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