Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Rubabikia opened it's brightly painted yellow doors on October 2013, located in Palm Strip on Jumeriah Beach Road.This shabby chic, vintage-inspired boutique, is one of the newest and much needed additions to Dubai's already vibrant shopping market.

When you hear vintage, you think sepia, turn of the century memorabilia.Think again.Filled with vibrant handmade, baroque-infused home furnishings and accessories, this boutique is sure to satisfy those on the hunt for unique, opulent, yet modern pieces.Products range from kitchen accessories to chandeliers, from vases to wall decor that will undoubtedly add a pop of colour to your home and bring any room to life.

The brainchild of former financeer Enjy Kiwan, Rubabikia is a labour of love.The beauty of Rubabikya's products is the juxtaposition of classic themes and vintage features with trendy modern colours, which is one of the fasted growing trends worldwide.Rubabikia offers a fresh, funky, and one of a kind alternative to those who are looking to rejuvenate and set their homes apart.

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*Photo: Courtesy of Rubabikia

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