Friday, March 27, 2015

Out & About: Edo Cafe Adds Sweetness To Your Celebration With Mochi Cream

EDO has created an exclusive range of frozen Mochi Cream - a delicious gourmet Mochi available in an array of exciting flavors.The Japanese inspired sweets also come with healthy benefits due to the use of natural sugar used in the desserts.Mochi sweets are low calories healthy sweets suitable for kids and adults.

Mochi are traditional Japanese sticky rice cakes, transformed by Edo into designer cream sweets.The selection of flavors offered at Edo together with the Mochi Cream, are incredibly sumptuous.The soft cream-filled dough makes for a truly distinct and enjoyable choice of dessert.

Edo accents the gastronomic experience with a modern chic décor.Within this ambience can be found a touch of sophistication where there is a play area and toys for the young.Experience at Edo will surprise and you will be able to find something new and interesting for yourself.

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*Photo: Courtesy of Edo Cafe

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