Monday, March 23, 2015

Out & About: Grab A Little Taste of Armenia At Mayrig Dubai

Mayrig, the authentic Armenian eatery in Downtown Dubai, is now serving an exquisite variety of appetizing sandwiches to help you tackle those mid-afternoon cravings.Some days are just too jam-packed for a proper sit-down lunch, but that shouldn’t mean skipping on a tasty and nutritious meal.With a selection that includes the Labneh Sandwich, Soujouk Sandwich and the Armenian Club Sandwich, guests can enjoy a quick bite while still tasting the delicious flavours this traditional Armenian restaurant is known for.

To accompany the meal, Mayrig is also offering new refreshing beverages including fresh fruit juices and cool mocktails, perfect for an instant energy boost on a hot afternoon.From Raspberry Lemonade to Strawberry Shake and Piña Colada, there is a thirst-quenching treat for every palette.

With Dubai's eateries currently dominated by franchised outlets and lack of variety, concepts like Mayrig add some welcome diversity and uniqueness to the lot.It's authentic Armenian flare and homemade recipes are just what this city needs to offer diners a memorable experience and a chance to try out some delicious new flavours.

Mayrig's afternoon sandwich menu is available from 3pm to 7pm. 

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*Photo: Courtesy of Mayrig

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