Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A White & Black Affair

With all the craziness of copycat abaya designs around, I started craving something different for a change.So when Rawan Azhar, the Saudi based designer behind Ta Marboota, unveiled the pictures of her latest lookbook, I was instantly attracted to her flawless, non-flashy monochrome collection, which is a continuation of a previous one she had initially started under the name of Pattern Mania.

Rawan, has successfully distinguished herself by combining fabric patterns and embellishments in fun and quirky ways, thus creating unique abayas that exude plenty of feminine flair.I love how the designs are timelessly elegant and chic, you could simply wear them to any occasion and be smugly content knowing you look fabulous.

Much respect and best of luck to Rawan (and you on your shopping endeavor *wink wink*).

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*Photo: Courtesy of Ta Marboota

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