Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Totally OTT !

With the hot weather and Ramadan  just a date away, a kaftan is a perfect option for summer to keep you cool, while still looking fashionably chic.OTT or (Over The Top) brings you an eclectic collection to suit any mood.They're credited with the resurgence of the traditional kaftan in Dubai.They have rethought the conventional kaftan and given it a kitsch makeover, while retaining it's elegant simplicity and urban vitality.

Styles range from flowing  full length evening kaftans in silks and chiffons embellished with crystal, to gorgeous printed soft cotton and feather-light jersey kaftans perfect for daywear or at the beach.The label's latest Summer 13 collection of kaftans employs gorgeous printed fabrics, billowing cuts, captivating colours, and unique accessories - I'm sure they will be a definite hit with you ladies this Ramadan.

Make sure to stop by L Square to snap up these one of a kind creations.

The battle of prints: bold graphics vs. bright florals.

Nudge in the right direction.


Floral galore.

Love the array of colours.

The allure of oriental sophistication (Om Kolthoum + Arabic calligraphy + fringing) = YES !
I definitely want !

Even your ipads get an extreme stylish makeover !!!
I absolutely need these in my life.

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*Photo: Courtesy of  OTT and L Square

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