Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What A Knockout !

It seems Lum By Lama Taher can do no wrong proving time and time again that she's gifted.Her latest offering, a jaw-dropping Ramadan collection is no exception, showcasing the beauty of minimalism and the the allure of billowing silhouettes.

Lama Taher has the ability of  taking simplicity and transforming it into something grand to generate delicate wearable pieces of art.The collection is young at heart, yet old in style it revives classic vintage cuts and stretches for a little modern flair that I think makes the perfect combination for fashion savvy ladies nowadays.The shades come in cool pastels with pops of colour (red, black and yellow) for a strong fashion statement.There are pieces that will make you feel pretty and there are other ones that will deliberately make you feel empowered.

Gazing at this dazzling collection, I have no idea where to start - I can bluntly say I want it all! I have so many tabs open each with a different design, so I think I'll be having some trouble narrowing my favourite picks down for you.

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*Photo: Courtesy of Lum By Lama Taher

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