Monday, July 22, 2013

Who's Going Grand ?

Just when you thought cupcakes couldn't get any more surprising, whoa Nola!

This Ramadan Nola is introducing the Grand Cupcake which is the largest cupcake size Nola has offered to date, serving up to ten people.It's available in all of Nola's current flavors, as well as a lineup of special oriental flavors such as Konafa Bil Manga, Amar El Deen, Aish El Sarraya to mention a few, ensuring that every Cairene taste bud is catered for.

When I saw these Grand Cupcakes, it was like an epiphany moment and I had to quit what I was doing, so I could write about them right away.It was like I had an imaginary sugar rush from just watching the video.Really yummy! I heart this video and I am uber impressed.I can feel my cavities with every bite, but I'm loving every second of it !

Don't miss the chance to disperse more happiness into your lives.No matter what craving you have, Nola has the perfect treat to satisfy your needs.Melt your hearts infront of these sweet temptations, most of which make my sweet tooth tingle with delight.Bon appetit !

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