Thursday, July 25, 2013

Crush Of The Day: Suzani Shemagh

Inspired by Jordanian shemagh or 'keffiyeh', a traditional headscarf that has been passed on to generations for centuries, comes Suzani's mission to retain their traditional garb while transforming years of heritage into a fashion accessory for hipster wannabes.I really like the look of the decorative floral motifs and the short fringed tassles that surround the distinctive woven plaid fabric making the scarf fancy and practical for nearly any outfit.

So get your knock-off scarf now, you know your wardrobe will not be complete without one!

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*Photo: Courtesy of Suzani


  1. Anonymous5:49 pm

    How much is it ?

  2. For prices and inquiries contact Suzani on Facebook.


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